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February 9
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You looked outside at the falling snow, thinking about how beautiful it was, and how much you just wanted to go outside and roll around in the cold fluffiness. You giggled as an image of Tom Hiddleston-you're boyfriend-playing in the snow with you popped up in your head. You sighed, looking at the clock. He should be home from the shoot any minute...

Today was February 9th, Tom's birthday, and you wanted to make it special. However, you found yourself with no ideas and it sort of upset you. However, you pushed the sadness aside and went to the kitchen. You were going to brew up some nice homemade hot chocolate before he got home. It was the least you could do.


Tom rushed into the house and urgently stripped his coat, gloves, and shoes off. He was late by a half hour and he knew you'd be there, waiting.

"(y/n) I'm home! Sorry I'm late!" he yelled as he walked through the house, looking for you. He got a bit worried when you weren't in the sitting room, because he figured that's where you would be. He frowned and started walking around the entire bottom floor, looking for you like a lost puppy, occasionally saying "(y/n)?" when he'd open a door.

When he approached the kitchen, the smell of chocolate reached his senses. He smiled at the delicious smell and opened the kitchen door, to see you asleep at the table.


You yawned when you woke up to the sound of music coming from down the hall. It sounded almost like holiday music. "What on Earth...?" you muttered as you stood from the chair you were in. That was when you realized the hot chocolate you had made was gone. "Where did my chocolate go?!" you exclaimed to yourself. When you looked around, you noticed the clock read 5:00pm-an hour after Tom was supposed to be home. You ran out of the kitchen towards the living room, where the music was coming from.

When you got there, the two cups of hot cocoa were on the coffee table, steaming as if they'd just been brewed, and the song 'Frosty the Snowman' on the stereo, but no Tom. You were about to turn around to look around the house for him when arms wrapped around your waist from behind you.

"I'm sorry I'm late, darling," Tom said softly in your ear, kissing your cheek from where he was behind you. You smiled and turned around, kissing him on the lips.

"I forgive you," you said with a little smile. You didn't feel the need to ask what took him, you trusted him too much for that. He smiled and pulled away, sitting on the couch and picking up a mug.

"So, I saw that you made some wonderful hot chocolate, but I didn't want to drink without you," he explained. "I heated it up a few minutes before playing the music." You giggled at him. He always felt he had to explain things.

You sat next to him and took your mug. "I wanted to do something nice for your birthday and this was all I could think of."

Tom took a sip of the hot drink. "It's a wonderful 'something'." He smiled at you, sporting a chocolate mustache. You giggled. "What?" he asked curiously.

"You have a chocolate mustache," you said with a slightly mischievious smile. Tom didn't even wipe it away, he just continued to drink until all the drink was gone. You yourself decided to drink yours as well. Tom set his cup down and walked out of the room, probably to clean his face. You smiled to yourself as you finished your mug of chocolate.

When you finished, you picked up the mugs to bring them to the kitchen. You dropped them in the sink before going back out into the living room to hear a different song playing.

It was Let It Snow by Vic Mignogna, and before you could smile at the selection, Tom came out of nowhere and took your hand, suddenly leading you in an improvised dance. You giggled as the two of you danced and danced. "You know, this song is usually listened to around Christmas," you teased Tom.

"I figured it was perfect for the day," he said and smiled, pulling away from you and putting his boots, coat, and gloves on. "Let's go outside," he suggested. You nodded happily, putting your outside attire on before practically bursting out the back door, into the yard. Tom chased you out but stopped and stared at you as you twirled around under the snow almost like a child on Christmas. You stopped when you saw him just standing there.

"Why just standing there?" you asked. He began walking over to you.

"You see, I was just admiring you." His words caused you to blush. "If there's anything I'd want for my birthday..." He stopped in front of you, drawing you close. "It'd be you."

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pecked him on the lips. "I'm already here."

"I want all of you," he said, kissing you deeply under the falling snow. You kissed back, your cheeks heating up despite the cold air around the two of you. "I love you, (y/n)," he said quietly.

"I love you too, Tom." You smiled as the two of you stood in the snow.

Soon, the two of you headed inside, and what Tom would think in the morning would be 'good god what a night it was.'

This is my first Tom x reader, a one-shot written in honor of his birthday. I really thought I'd end up not writing one because I had no ideas but then it started snowing where I am and the idea popped into my head. I hope you enjoyed!!
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SalmonPanther73 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
So cute :) Amazing writing.
I've read other character x reader stories, and some just don't flow at all... Yours ran smoothly and was actually logical and believable!
THANK YOU not just for a Tom Hiddleston story, but actually writing a really good story period.
Sammii xx
Let me hug you! 
BladefireA Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww you're welcome and thank you ^^ I'm so glad you enjoyed it
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I'm glad you like it~ ^^
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